Keyshia Cole Tearfully Mourns Her Late Mother And Reveals An Upcoming Album

The “Heaven Sent” singer is set to release her eighth studio album, her first project since her mother’s death in 2021.

Keyshia Cole recently announced the forthcoming arrival of her 8th studio album during her performance at the Los Angeles stop of The Love Hard Tour at the Peacock Theater. Cole was emotional as she choked back tears to share gratitude to her fans for supporting her through the years. 

Cole said, “I wanna say I appreciate you. If you ever bought an album.” She then counted through her seven previous albums as her dancers took the stage with jackets that announced her album across their backs. She continued, “Album eight right now on the way.”

Cole’s 8th album will be her first project since her mother, Frankie Lon’s death in 2021 from an apparent overdose. Cole said, “I wanna give a shout out to my mom Frankie. If you watched the reality show, if you watched her: I just wanna say thank you. You helped change my life. Thank you.”

It’s no secret that Keyshia Cole and her mother, Frankie Lons, had a tumultuous relationship. Cole shared much of their reconciliation on the BET reality show “The Way It Is.” Cole also starred in and executive produced a biopic, “This Is My Story,” for Lifetime, which also featured the singer and her mother’s strained relationship. Many viewers criticized Cole, claiming she was degrading her late mother for her benefit.  

Cole responded on Twitter, “Degrading my mother? I wanted the best for my mom. You prefer my story not be my story? At times I have too. But my truth is my truth. I just live mine loud. (while some suffer in silence. But This will come wit all that I do, So speak YOUR TRUTH, but yours ain’t mine. [heart emoji].”

She continued, “And in addition to that I have recorded a record that will be in the movie dedicated to my mother. (You all may or may not like it) but….. This movie was healing in some ways for me, so very appreciative of having this happen.”

It has been three years since Cole’s mother’s passing, and it’s clear that she’s still healing and using her music to do so.