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Tennessee Barber Gives Discounts To Youngsters Who Read During Their Haircuts

A Tennessee-based barber is on a mission to empower his young customers to read. According to Inside Edition, barber Jermaine Scott provides discounts for youngsters who read books while he’s cutting their hair.

In this digital age, many children have traded in books for iPads and prefer to watch YouTube videos than flip through the pages of a book. According to CBS News, children and teenagers between the ages of eight and 18 spend an average of over seven hours in front of a screen; whether it be a phone, computer, iPad or other types of electronics. Determined to encourage youngsters to spend less time on their digital devices and more time reading books, 28-year-old Scott began to give children who read in his barber chair $5 discounts for their haircuts every Thursday. He also wanted to use this initiative as a way to lessen the price for low-income parents who can’t afford to pay for their children’s haircuts. [Read more]

Princeton Program Aims To Increase Black Leadership In Art

In an effort to increase the representation of Black leaders in the art world, the Princeton University Art Museum has joined forces with the HBCU Alliance of Museums and Art Galleries for the creation of a program designed to expose students at historically Black colleges and universities throughout the country to career paths in art museum curation, Princeton University reported.

The program—dubbed the Curation, Leadership, Artistry and Practice Program (CLAP) —was developed as an avenue to teach participants the ins and outs of overseeing a university art museum. It delves into different elements that include the importance of academic research and analysis, curatorial preparation and training, art conservation, and how STEM intertwines with art. During the week-long program, students participate in forums led by guest lecturers, interact with artists at their studios, and go on art tours both on Princeton’s campus and at other institutions in New Jersey and New York. Students are also tasked with completing art-focused writing assignments. At the end of the program, participants have to create a proposal for an exhibition that highlights Black artistry which is then pitched to the faculty at Princeton as well as influential art leaders. This year, students pitched their work to Thelma Golden who serves as the director of the Studio Museum in Harlem. [Read more]

Chicago School Unveils Sports Complex Named After Michelle Obama

The plan to create a sports complex named after former first lady Michelle Obama at the Whitney Young Magnet High School has finally come to fruition. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the school unveiled the new mixed-use sports facility during a block party celebration earlier this month.

The school—where Obama graduated from 38 years ago—needed a restored sports facility. Several of the teams had not played home games there for over two years and were forced to practice and compete at other schools because the field wasn’t in good condition. The situation caused a lack of fan engagement. The plan for the new complex, which has been six years in the making, was approved by the City Council in 2017. [Read more]

Black Dads Greet Students On First Day Of School

A group of Mississippi men is on a mission to debunk the negative stereotypes surrounding Black fatherhood. In an effort to help their children overcome the anxiousness that comes with starting a new school year, the group of fathers stood outside of the Jackson-based Barack H. Obama Magnet Elementary school to greet students on their first day, CBS News reported.

The group—dubbed WATCH D.O.G. (Dads of Great Students) Dads—wanted to lead the effort as an avenue to not only show support for their children but to serve as a positive representation for Black fathers. They formed a tunnel outside of the school and greeted the students with positive words and high-fives. “The inspiration behind it was the want for our kids to know their dads believe in them and support them,” Parent Teacher Association President Rashad Williams said in a statement, according to the news outlet. “It has shown to have a huge impact on the first day jitters and new kids’ confidence.” For many of the fathers who participated, greeting the students was a full circle moment because the school’s principal was once their teacher. [Read more]

North Carolina Toddler Helps The Homeless With Sales From Her Lemonade Stand

A 3-year-old from North Carolina is living proof that you’re never too young to make an impact in your community. With the help of her mother, toddler Ava Lewis is using revenue from her lemonade stand to give back to mothers in need, ABC News reported.

The young entrepreneur set up shop in front of her mother’s Durham-based hair salon The Lather Lounge. She started selling cups of lemonade for a $1 but after her drink grew in popularity, she began selling gallons of her lemonade mixture. When asked by her mother Maggie Lewis what she wanted to do with the money she earned from her lemonade stand Ava expressed that she wanted to help children. She and her mom then purchased diapers and bottles for mothers who were struggling to make ends meet. They donated the items to a transitional facility run by the Durham Rescue Mission called the Good Samaritan Inn. The facility serves over 100 women and children who are experiencing homelessness. [Read more]

White Woman Holds Black Teens At Gunpoint While They Were Raising Funds For School

The pathetic trend Black people having the cops called on them for their mere existences reared its racist head last week in Arkansas when a white woman held four Black teenagers at gunpoint while they were trying to raise funds for their high school. According to WMC Action News, the students were going door-to-door in the town of Wynne selling cards for the school’s football program when they unwittingly became victims of what could have become a violent a gun crime.

Neighbors said that students raising funds for the football team was a perfectly normal activity ahead of the school year, but when the kids got to the door of Jerri Kelly on the morning of Aug. 7, what happened next was far from normal. Turns out Kelly — allegedly — pulled out her gun on the teens, two of whom were wearing their school football jerseys and made them lie down until the police, who, of course, she had called, arrived. [Read more]

Minneapolis/St. Paul News Update Friday

Minnesota Democratic Representative Ilhan [[ ILL-han ]] Omar is shaming the Israeli Prime Minister’s decision not to allow her and Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib [[ tal-EEB ]] to enter the country.  Omar called it an “insult to democratic values” that “Prime Minister Netanyahu [[ net-an-YAH-hoo ]], under pressure from President Trump, would deny entry to representatives of the U.S. government.”  Omar and Tlaib were both set to visit the country this weekend, but Israeli law prohibits entry to anyone who has supported or pushed for a boycott of Israel.  The freshmen representatives are the first two Muslim women to ever be elected to Congress.  [Read more]

Minneapolis Native Recognized for California Earthquake Disaster Recovery Efforts

By Lt. Cmdr. Jake McIlvaine, Naval Construction Training Center Port Hueneme

CHINA LAKE, Calif. — A Minneapolis, Minnesota Sailor from Center for Seabees and Facilities Engineering (CSFE) Learning Site China Lake received the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal Aug. 8, in recognition of his determination and dedication to disaster-recovery efforts at Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake following multiple earthquakes this summer.

For Equipment Operator 1st Class Gregory Torres and other members of CSFE Learning Site China Lake, Independence Day 2019 was marked by the rumblings of the earth rather than the pounding of fireworks. While far from a celebration, the occasion served as another reminder of the Seabee’s unconquerable “Can Do” spirit. [Read more]

‘I’m Sorry’: Emotional Serena Williams Is Inconsolable After Injury In Championship Match

Tennis icon Serena Williams was forced to retire — or withdraw from competition — on Sunday after she suffered an injury during the first set of the championship match during the Rogers Cup in Toronto. Serena was down 3-1 when she took a medical time out for what turned out to be a back injury that would prevent her from playing the rest of the final.

Video footage showed an emotional Serena breaking down in tears after the umpire announced she would be retiring from the match. Prior to Sunday, Serena had won her past three matches in straight sets leading up to the tournament’s final. [Read more]