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Don’t Believe The Myth That Black Fathers Are Not There For Their Children

Black men are victims of a myth that paints them as the most irresponsible and chronically absentee fathers in the nation. The fact is that African-American men are the most involved fathers.

Black men, compared to white and Hispanic fathers, were the most involved in their children’s daily lives—from talking to their kids to helping them with homework—according to a 2013 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study.

Most Black fathers live with their sons and daughters, the book All In by Josh Levs noted. About 2.5 million Black fathers live with their children, while approximately 1.7 million of them don’t live under the same roof with their kids. Many of these fathers don’t marry the mother of their children, but that doesn’t make them absentee fathers, as New York Time’s Charles Blow underscored. [Read more]

Jay-Z Offers Legal Support To Black Family Held At Gunpoint As Phoenix Cop Omits Major Facts In Report

Viral video of a rogue police officer pointing a gun at a Black family in the presence of an infant and a young child in Phoenix, Arizona, angered countless people around the country. Newly released police documents show that the cop involved was not completely honest in his report on the incident. Now one hip-hop legend is lending a hand to the family in a major way as they begin the process of seeking justice.

Witness video of the May 29 incident shows Phoenix police officer Christopher Meyer screaming threats and profanity toward a Black family in a van that contained Dravon Ames, 22, his pregnant fiance Aisha Harper, 24, their two young daughters. [Read more]

Black Teacher Gives Students Haircuts For Graduation

Many teachers go above and beyond to cater to the needs of their students and educator Robert Dunham is living proof of that. Dunham—who teaches at a school that serves students who live in underserved communities—treated his fifth-grade class to haircuts before their graduation ceremony, CBS 6 reported.

The Carver Elementary School teacher wanted to do something special for his class before they moved on to middle school. Aware of the fact that several students may not be able to get haircuts before graduation, he decided to take his clippers to school and transform his classroom into a mock barbershop to provide them with haircuts. Dunham says he wanted them to feel confident and empowered on their special day. “When I go to the barbershop, when I get a haircut, you feel good, you look good, you’ve got that confidence starting to come out of you,” he said in a statement, according to the news outlet. “I want every one of my students to be confident today. This is their special day.” [Read more]

KMOJ Celebrates Juneteenth

Join the KMOJ family of personalities at Bethune Park in North Minneapolis this afternoon, Saturday June 15th. The community is coming together today to celebrate the late notification that African-American slaves were indeed free. Food, vendors and fun await you throughout the afternoon. Scheduled performances include those by local favorite the Maxx Band, and national recording star Christopher Williams. In a parade held earlier today, Walter Q Bear Banks, KMOJ’s afternoon Drive Host, served as the Grand Marshall to help kick off the day’s festivities. [Read more]

Mother Of Bullied Teen Who Killed Himself Blames School For Telling Son ‘Being Gay Was A Choice’

The mother of an Alabama teenager who killed himself after allegedly being bullied in school for being gay was breaking her silence after his death in April, NBC News reported. Nigel Shelby‘s Huntsville school ignored clear warning signs and an administrator even told him that it was a choice to be gay, Camika Shelby said this week.

“After my son passed, I learned that he had several discussions about homosexuality with school administrators and was told that being gay was a choice,” Camika Shelby said in a statement released Monday. “I was never contacted by the school and informed that my son was struggling with his sexual identity and regularly having discussions with a school administrator.” [Read more]

Police Sued For Millions After Video Shows Hysterical Cop Threatening To Shoot Black Family

The Arizona family shown in a viral video having their lives threatened by police over a doll that was allegedly stolen from a store plans to sue the department for what they said was a number of civil rights violations, the Phoenix New Times reported. Dravon Ames was with his pregnant fiancée and their two small children when they were approached by numerous aggressive police officers in an apartment complex parking lot in Phoenix.

The video shows Ames and his family complying with police, with one officer yelling expletives hysterically while threatening to shoot them all. [Read more]

Virginia Beach Shooting Victim Reportedly Wrote Up The Gunman And Thought He Had A Bad Attitude

There were still many unanswered questions around why 40-year-old DeWayne Craddock shot and killed 12 people in a Virginia Beach city building where he worked and had recently resigned. Now the family of one of the victims, who allegedly reprimanded him for having a poor attitude, is demanding an independent investigation.

Kate Nixon, one of the victims and an engineer who worked with Craddock “had written him up in the past and thought he had a poor attitude,” the Associated Press reported.

“We don’t know if he was facing discipline or termination when he resigned, but the resignation email he sent and reply he got suggest that something was going on,” an attorney representing Nixon’s family said. “The shooter’s complete employment records should be released immediately as permitted by law, and a comprehensive independent investigation should be pursued without further delay.” [Read more]

Cops Accuse Raptors GM Masai Ujiri After Video Of Him Being ‘Punched And Pushed’ Goes Viral

While nothing was getting in the way of Toronto Raptors fans celebrating the team’s historic NBA title Thursday night, the subsequent celebration was briefly marred by an apparent scuffle between police at the game and the winning team’s general manager.

Video has emerged on social media showing Raptors GM Masai Ujiri, who is Black, being “punched and pushed” by a white police officer at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. But while the account that tweeted the video claimed the officer was the aggressor, in what bore all the hallmarks of a classic case of racial profiling, police, in turn, have accused Ujiri of assaulting the cop. [Read more]

Justin Fairfax Takes Bold Move To Clear His Name Of Sexual Assault Allegations

Virginia’s lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax is fighting back against the sexual assault investigations against him. Despite his accusers not requesting a criminal investigation into their claims and never pressing charges, Fairfax and his team are asking for a criminal investigation as he maintains his innocence.

It was a risky move that could backfire depending on investigators’ findings.

Fairfax endorsed a criminal investigation back in April but according to CNN he formally made the request via his lawyers, to the district attorneys’ offices in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, and Durham County, North Carolina. [Read more]

Mayor Carter’s Statement Regarding Saint Paul Police Chief’s Announcement to Terminate Five Saint Paul Police Officers

 Mayor Melvin Carter today released the following statement following Saint Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell’s announcement to terminate five Saint Paul police officers.

“I fully support and appreciate Chief Axtell’s leadership and the work of our PCIARC to enforce strong ethical standards in our police department,” said Mayor Carter. “While the vast majority of our officers meet and exceed these standards every day, the trust we place in them demands accountability for actions that fall below our high expectations.” [Read more]