B.I.G. Success

The music of Notorious B.I.G. is still ringing in success.  The late rapper’s 2007 “Greatest Hits” record just sold one million copies in the U.S. last week after going on sale on iTunes for only five dollars.  All five of his solo albums have now officially sold at least one million copies.  His best seller is his 1997 seller release, “Life After Death.”  The surge in “Greatest Hits” sales comes more than twenty years after his death. 

Leggo My Lego

Childish Gambino is getting his own “Star Wars” lego figure.  The rapper and actor known formally as Donald Glover will receive a figure from the toy company inspired by his role in the upcoming film “Solo: A Star Wars Story.”  It will be part of a limited edition lego set releasing in April that will also include Han Solo, Qi’ra, Chewbacca and other characters.  The movie comes out in theaters May 25th. 


DJ Khaled’s son is making his way into the fashion world.  One-year-old Asahd Khaled signed a deal with Jordan Brand to represent Jordan Kids Collab Apparel.  The news was shared on his own Instagram account with a photo of him sporting some of the clothing from the line.  He is the first-ever kid recruited by the company. 

Gving Back

T.I. is giving back to families in Georgia while supporting the new “Black Panther” movie.  The rapper teamed up with Walmart to give away three-hundred free tickets in to an advanced screening of the movie in Atlanta earlier in the week.  His good deed is reportedly part of the “Black Panther Challenge,” a fundraising campaign to help people see the film, which comes out today. 

Born 2 Ball

NBA player Lonzo Ball is stepping into the world of rap music.  The Los Angeles Lakers guard just dropped his debut solo album “Born 2 Ball” yesterday.  The record features 17 tracks and multiple features from other artists.  It comes ahead of the NBA All-Star Game this weekend, which Ball will be sitting out due to of a knee injury. 

Mike Vick Is OFFICALLY Out Of Bankruptcy

A judge has put to rest all of Michael Vick’s financial troubles. The former NFL star is officially out of bankruptcy after he paid back more than $17 million in debt! As you recall, Vick filed for Chapter 11 back in 2008 after his dog-fighting scandal that landed him in federal prison and out of […]