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Obama Pleads For People To Vote

Bits & Pretzels Founders Festival In Munich - Day 1

Obama Pleads For People To Vote After Trump Continues To Be In ‘Denial’ Of Global Crises

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Every now and then, former President Barack Obama has to hop on Twitter and call out Donald Trump’s administration for their grave shenanigans. But of course, he does it in the most civil, presidential way possible.

This week, Trump rolled back one of the strongest attempts by Obama’s administration to combat climate change. According to [Read more]

When Zoombombing Turns Racist: How To Keep Online Meetings Troll-Free

With much of the world’s workforce forced to stay home, online meetings have become the de facto method for the type of group sessions people used to have in-person at the office, thanks in no small part to a technology called Zoom. But the coronavirus pandemic’s stay at home order prompting the proliferation of these online meetings has also ushered in a new phrase to describe how the internet trolls have been able to infiltrate said meetings and disrupt them: Zoombombing.

That might actually [Read more]

Thursday’s Gov. Walz COVID Update

Governor Walz today announced that Minnesota’s health plans have agreed to waive costs for treatment of COVID-19. This move comes in response to a March 13 letter from the Governor and State Commissioners of Health and Commerce urging Minnesota health plans to remove barriers to coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Minnesotans with commercial insurance—including individuals, small businesses, and some large businesses—are now eligible for the following benefits:

  • Minnesotans will have no cost-sharing charges for COVID testing.
  • Minnesotans who are hospitalized will have no cost-sharing charges for in-network hospitalization.
  • Minnesotans will have expanded access to telemedicine services. This will help people stay home and access care if they need it.

This move will [Read more]

New Orleans Criminalizes Man Over Public Gathering


New Orleans Criminalizes Man Over Public Gathering When There’s No Judicial System in Place

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One man is facing major consequences for a public gathering in New Orleans in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Although social distancing is key to preventing the spread of the virus, the arrest and containment of the man brings to question the usefulness of criminalization during a public health crisis.

According to [Read more]

Governor Walz to Deliver State of the State, Sunday

[ST. PAUL, MN] – Governor Tim Walz today announced he will deliver his second State of the State address on Sunday, April 5, 2020, beginning at 7:00pm. The address will be delivered live from the Governor’s Residence and can be watched on YouTube Live.

“COVID-19 presents an unprecedented hardship to our state, but Minnesotans always rise to a challenge,” Governor Walz said. “I look forward to the opportunity to speak directly to Minnesotans during this uncertain time.”

The [Read more]


Today, Governor Walz signed two executive orders:

  • Executive order 20-25 extends licenses of peace officers, firefighters, and private security personnel and defers continuing education requirements for licenses that are set to expire soon.
  • Executive order 20-26 extends re-certification dates for current medical cannabis patient enrollments set to expire over the next several months; allows any patient to request a temporary caregiver so they are able to send someone to pick up medication on their behalf; and allows medical cannabis patients to practice social distancing with curbside delivery and telephone pharmacist consultations.

For more detailed information, visit Executive Orders from Governor Walz.

By staying home for two weeks, we are slowing the spread of COVID-19 and giving our health care system the time it needs to prepare to care for people who are very sick.

During the stay at home order, leave home only to:

  • Get food, medicine, and other essentials
  • Seek health care
  • Care for family, friends, and pets
  • Spend time outside
  • Go to work if you provide critical services

If you need to leave your home, always stay at least 6 feet away from other people. Visit  [Read more]

Cardi B Not Allowed To Create GoFundMe For Joe Exotic, Says She Was Just Playing

Joe Exotic won’t be getting any funds courtesy of Cardi B. Apparently, it’s against the rules to create a GoFundMe for the convicted felon, but the Bronx rapper says she was just playing anyway. https://twitter.com/iamcardib/status/1243770381758083079 Over the weekend, Cardi was clearly watching Netflix docu-series Tiger King, and accused one of its subjects/antagonists, Carole Baskin, of […]

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