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Black Cop Tearfully Describes Why She’s ‘Black Lives Matter’ Before ‘Blue Lives Matter’ In Video

Black cop addressing Blue Lives Matter

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A Black federal officer laid out the harsh experiences of being a Black woman in uniform despite calls for solidarity between cops with slogans like “blue lives matter.”

“For those that says ‘all lives matter’ when you say ‘Black lives matter’ or that says ‘blue lives matter’ to combat when you say ‘Black lives matter,’ you’re racist,” the Black officer said in a video she recorded that’s gone viral. “Because I’m a Black lives matter before [Read more]

Kevin Hart Speaks On Ellen DeGeneres Amid Racist And Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Show

Kevin Hart At FX premier

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Kevin Hart is defending Ellen DeGeneres despite sweeping allegations of discrimination, sexual harassment and a toxic work environment on her daytime talk show.

“It’s crazy to see my friend go thru what she’s going thru publicly. I have known Ellen for years and I can honestly say that she’s one of the dopest people on the fucking planet,” Hart wrote on Instagram along with a photo of Ellen and himself. “She [Read more]

‘Legal Experts’ Share Why Breonna Taylor’s Killers Haven’t Been Charged

Tuesday marked the 144th day since officers with the Louisville Metro Police Department recklessly executed Breonna Taylor in her own home nearly five months ago on March 13. However, according to a couple of legal experts interviewed by the Associated Press, we should probably not hold our breaths waiting for Taylor’s killers to be arrested and charged for their roles in what social justice advocates have called murder.

Renowned civil rights attorney Ben [Read more]

How Long Was Nelson Mandela In Prison?

(FILES) A picture taken on September 5,

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UPDATED: 11:23 a.m. ET, Aug. 4, 2020 —

How long was Nelson Mandela in prison? The former political prisoner who went on to become South Africa’s first Black president was imprisoned for 27 years after the anti-apartheid activist was arrested on Aug. 4 in 1962.

Mandela was given a life sentence in 1964 after being convicted of plotting to sabotage the South African government, and he remained in prison until [Read more]