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Sisterhood in the Workplace: Supporting Black and Latina Women beyond Women’s History Month

To support Black and Hispanic women in the workplace, we must understand the unique challenges they face and advance solutions. Young Black and Latina girls are more likely to identify as leaders than girls of other races. However, when they grow up, the disparities they face when it comes to pay and opportunity are jarring. In fact, according to the US Census, Black women were paid 63% of what non-Hispanic white men were paid. That means it takes the typical Black woman 19 months to be paid what the average white man takes home in 12 months. And… Read more

1 million COVID deaths in US put into perspective

The real number of lives lost to COVID-19, either directly or indirectly, as a result the disruption of the health care system, is believed to be far higher.

WASHINGTON — The U.S. death toll from COVID-19 hit 1 million on Monday, a once-unimaginable figure that only hints at the multitudes of loved ones and friends staggered by grief and frustration.

The confirmed number of dead is equivalent to a 9/11 attack every day for 336 days.… Read more

Flint Official Criticized For Calling Black Colleague ‘Ghetto’

Even though some words aren’t defined as racial epithets per se, you can still find yourself in serious trouble for using them in the wrong context or if said by the wrong person. Calling someone “ghetto” can be troubling regardless of the mouth it’s coming out of, particularly when a white person uses it about a person of color.

A Michigan councilwoman became the latest example during a recent committee meeting after other members described her actions as unprofessional and offensive for referring to a Black colleague as “ghetto” under her breath.… Read more

Millions Of Afro-Latinos Claim White, Census Data Reveals

The U.S. Census can be a tedious task, but it does help local governments not only know who they’re serving exactly but also gives Americans as a whole an idea of the racial breakdown throughout our beautifully diverse nation.

A surprising result that came from the 2020 Census showed that 1/3 of Afro-Latinos — that fraction translates to just over 6 million — actually don’t identify as Hispanic, instead opting to choose White, Black or even “some other race.”… Read more

Kendrick Lamar Floats Through “N95” Video

Kendrick Lamar certainly got the Hip-Hop world praising, discussing and debating after his new album Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers dropped. On cue for the highly-anticipated album’s rollout, the Compton rapper drops a stunning visual for “N95” off the project.

The song’s content is about stripping away everything and getting to the core, with plenty of one-liners that will be showing up on Instagram captions for a while, too. “Take off the weird-ass jewelry, I’m a take ten steps, then I’m taking off top five, take off them fabricated streams and them microwave memes, it’s a real world outside,” spits Kendrick.… Read more

‘White Supremacist’ Safely Arrested After Buffalo Supermarket Massacre

Horrific news out of Buffalo, as reports of a white supremacist unleashing deadly havoc on a supermarket surfaced online Saturday afternoon.

Local news indicated that at least ten people were pronounced dead and three others were wounded. According to Buffalo News, the gunman was dressed in body armor and had a high-powered rifle.

Source: Twitter video screenshot / Twitter video screenshot

While some on the internet may rush to discount the possible racist motive for an attack on a supermarket in a predominantly Black neighborhood, Erie County Sheriff John Garcia confirmed the racist motive.… Read more

Buffalo Suspect Pushed ‘White Replacement’ Conspiracy Theory: Report

Buffalo Police on scene at a Tops Friendly Market on May 14, 2022, in Buffalo, New York. | Source: John Normile / Getty

UPDATED: 10:30 p.m. ET, with more information about Payton Gendron’s manifesto.

The apparent white supremacist who was safely arrested Saturday following a deadly mass shooting in a supermarket in a Black neighborhood in Buffalo, New York, left behind a manifesto that espoused a racist conspiracy theory that’s become increasingly popular among those holding far-right, ultra-conservative and mainstream Republican views, according to multiple credible reports.… Read more

Pop’s Belief: Common Displays Pride As His Daughter Graduates Law School

Source: David Livingston / Getty

For all of the plateaus that Common has reached in his life and career, it’s safe to say that watching his daughter graduate from law school is among the most precious. He recently shared that joy with all of his fans.

The rapper and actor was present for his daughter Omoye Assata Lynn’s graduation from Howard University Law School, which took place on May 7th. Common was ecstatic as he shared a montage of the ceremony and the moments of celebration he shared with her on Instagram.… Read more

White Supremacist Violence Is A Part Of America

Source: John Normile / Getty

Saturday’s massacre of ten people at a supermarket in a Black neighborhood in Buffalo is not an anomaly. The rhetoric and hate that informed the murderous rage of 18-year-old Payton S. Gendron is not an anomaly. Gendron is the product of generations of hate and fear. He is the product of a country that would prioritize civility and fake gestures on important days of reflection.  

A mistake that continues to be made is treating white supremacy as only a fringe ideology or something disconnected from mainstream American life.… Read more

Tennis Phenom Naomi Osaka To Launch Sports Agency

Source: Fred Lee / Getty

Tennis phenom Naomi Osaka is expanding her influential imprint in the world of sports. According to NPR, the four-time Grand Slam singles champion is launching her own sports agency.

Osaka will lead the company—dubbed Evolve—alongside agent Stuart Duguid.… Read more

Rep. Omar delivers $1 million check for NEON Food Business Incubation Center

It’s a good day in the office when Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) stops in to drop of a giant $1 million check. These funds are earmarked for our $12.5 million Food Business Incubation Center. Modeled after The Hatchery in Chicago, this Food Business Incubation Center will provide commercial kitchen space and other facilities for the many NEON entrepreneurs who operate food businesses. (See video below.)

A couple weeks after Rep. Omar’s May 4 visit, General Mills shared more good news.… Read more