CPB Report 2018

KMOJ-FM is committed to producing and delivering no less than 60% of its programming to community dialogue and education. The station’s community engagement strategies encompass live remote broadcasts of community forums and Town Hall Meetings. KMOJ disseminates programming and information through our on-air presentation, website and social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. North Minneapolis is a residential neighborhood largely populated by African Americans so KMOJ provides culturally specific engagement activities where folk can seek relief from the strains of the inequalities inherent in achievement gaps at bowling tournaments, fishing competitions, and golf outings. KMOJ-FM commits 10 hours per week to specifically program Public Affairs programs that focus entirely on issues that affect African American’s and other people of color.

This organization continued its mission of Peace and Unity in the economically challenged areas in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

KMOJ’s programming is focused to engage more into education and finding solutions for the problems in the communities of color. We will continue our mission which is to educate through a more aggressive focus on eliminating teen violence, home foreclosures, job creation and community empowerment.

KMOJ-FM collaborates with many public media outlets (Twin Cities Public Television-TPT), Insight News, Minnesorota Public Radio, (MPR) and The Spokesman-Recorder. We also collaborate with community nonprofits (Northpoint Health and Wellness Center, The Urban League), government agencies (the State of Minnesota and the City of Minneapolis), educational institutions (Minneapolis and St. Paul Public schools, University of Minnesota and Mankato State University, Best Academy and Harvest Prep School). KMOJ-FM also works in conjunction with many business community partners like Summit Academy OIC.

The CPB Grant provided KMOJ with the financial resources to continue to provide live broadcasts from community events. The grant also allowed KMOJ the ability to hire Independent Contractors to host, produce and voice various programs that targeted issues that face the African American community. KMOJ was also able to continue to increase the quality of its Public Affairs programming by hiring more professional independent Contractors that resulted in a continued improvement in the quality of programming.

KMOJ-FM will continue to be involved in community activities that will educate and empower people of color in the Minneapolis-St Paul community. We will continue to participate in the following community events which will include on-air presence.

Martin Luther King Day Celebration – On air Interviews
Black History Month activities throughout the month of February along with the airing of vignettes of Historical African Americans and interviews with local icons.
Community Education Forum – Live Broadcast
Commenorating the Life of Prince
Juneteenth Celebration – Live Broadcast
Rondo Days Festival & Celebration – Live Broadcast
Urban League Family Day- Live Broadcast
The Voyage – KMOJ 11th Annual Boat Ride – callbacks
Numerous live remotes from community activities that promote health home ownership violence prevention and other issues that affect or listeners.
KMOJ FM CPB GRANT DATA: CPB is the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. KMOJ and all grant recipient stations must publicly display the following information to be eligible for grant funding.

Questions? Contact Freddie Bell at freddiebell@kmojfm.com or (612) 377-0594


Freddie Bell
General Manager

Kelley Solie
Business Office Manager/Traffic Manager

Walter “Q Bear” Banks
Operations Manager

Ray Seville
Underwriting Manager

A full list of those members is posted on this website. Meeting dates and times are listed below.

2018 Board Meetings


The Rev. John Bowen
Joe McKenzie
Michael Carter Sr.
Dr. Keith Mayes
Kitty Harris
Anthony Pankey


  • Check back for date/time/location of upcoming meetings of the Community Advisory Board.
  • Unless otherwise noted, meetings are held in the KMOJ conference room at KMOJ studios located at 2123 west Broadway Suite 200 Minneapolis, MN 55411.

2018 Board Meetings

January 17th 6:00 PM KMOJ Conference Room
February 21st 6:00 PM KMOJ Conference Room
March 21st 6:00 PM KMOJ Conference Room
April 18th 6:00 PM KMOJ Conference Room
May 16th 6:00 PM KMOJ Conference Room
June 20th 6:00 PM KMOJ Conference Room
July 18th 6:00 PM Franklin Middle School
August 15th 6:00 PM Franklin Middle School
September 19th 6:00 PM KMOJ Conference Rool
October 17th 6:00 PM KMOJ Conference Room

2018 Advisory Board Meetings

April 21st 10:00 AM KMOJ Conference Room
September 15th 10:00 AM KMOJ Conference Room