#BlackGirlMagic: 16-Year-Old Accepted Into 9 Law Schools

Black youngsters are displaying excellence in academia. As college acceptance letters continue to roll in for many, a 16-year-old from Dallas has been selected by some of the nation’s most prestigious law schools to continue her education, Black News reported.

Haley Taylor Schlitz has had an educational journey that has been full of milestones. Schlitz—who was homeschooled—graduated from high school at 13-years-old. She then went on to take courses at Tarrant County College and also furthered her studies at Texas Woman’s University. After receiving her bachelor’s degree this Spring she will pursue her law degree at Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law. The Dallas-based institution is one of nine schools that accepted Schlitz and is recognized as one of the top 50 law schools in the country. Among the other schools that accepted her were the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Howard University, Texas Southern University, and others. [Read more]

Disrupt Harlem Code Squad Shows The Power Of Culturally Competent Tech Programs

Three days out of the week Amantina Sosa would wake up before the sun rose to prepare for an early morning shift at Starbucks. Following her barista shift Sosa—a Bronx native—would hop on the train and rush from the Midtown Starbucks location to Harlem to participate in a tech and entrepreneurship program designed for underserved adults. Prior to getting involved with the program, she says she would have never considered pursuing a career in tech, and now she’s on a path to creating her own app. [Read more]

Dr. Dre Takes A Swipe At College Admissions Scandal Parents After Daughter Accepted To USC ‘On Her Own’

Music mogul Dr. Dre bragged on social media Saturday about his daughter’s acceptance into the University of Southern California (USC) and noted that her acceptance was legitimate—taking a swipe at other wealthy parents who are caught up in the college admissions scandal.

“My daughter got accepted into USC all on her own. No jail time!!!” Dre posted on Instagram.

Dre, whose real name is Andre Young, shared a photograph of him posing with his 18-year-old daughter Truly Young. In the photo, she displays her admissions packet from USC and her official certificate of admission. [Read more]

Detroit Pastor Who Killed Transgender Woman Reportedly Sought Out Sex Workers

Detroit pastor Albert Weathers was charged with open murder and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. He reportedly shot and killed Kelly Stough, a 36 year-old transgender woman. Now there are reports the pastor frequented transgender sex workers.

New testimony from Kyra Butts, a self-identified transgender sex worker who was friends with Stough, “testified she’s seen Weathers frequent the area around Six Mile and Woodward – an area known for its high population of sex workers – as far back as 2008,” according to Pride Source. Butts alleges she went on several dates with Weathers and said, “He was one of the guys that I hooked up with. He would drive around a lot before he would pick someone up.” [Read more]

Black Votes Matter: What Eliminating The Electoral College Would Mean For African-Americans

Black voters have plenty to gain from replacing the electoral college—a system built originally to protect the interest of white, male slave owners—with selecting presidents through a popular vote.

Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a 2020 presidential candidate, endorsed ending the electoral college Monday night at a town hall meeting at Mississippi’s Jackson State University, a historically Black college.

“You know, come a general election, presidential candidates don’t come to places like Mississippi. They also don’t come to places like California and Massachusetts, right? Because we’re not the ‘battleground states,’ ” Warren said. “Well, my view is that every vote matters. And the way we can make that happen is that we can have national voting. And that means get rid of the electoral college, and everybody counts. Everybody. I think everybody ought to have to come and ask for your vote.” [Read more]

Police Seek To Charge Mother In Death Of Little Black Girl Found In Duffel Bag

The mother of 9-year-old Trinity Love Jones could soon face charges for played some role in the death of her child who was found in a duffel bag on a trail in Hacienda Heights, California.

Investigators said they were preparing a criminal case against Taquesta Graham, 28, that they plan to present to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, KTRK-TV reported on Friday.

Authorities extradited Graham on Thursday from Texas to Los Angeles where she’s being held on an unrelated warrant. After she arrived in Los Angeles, investigators interviewed her regarding her daughter’s killing. She was not immediately charged in the girl’s death. [Read more]