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Top 5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Home

Homeownership has long been a reliable and valuable investment for many Americans. The Black
homeownership rate in the U.S., however, stands at just 44% – the lowest among all racial groups
according to the National Association of Realtors.

Many Black Americans face barriers to homeownership, including a lack of access to credit, a lack of understanding about the home-buying process, and the upfront cash needed for a down payment and closing costs. That’s why it’s important to consider your options and seek out resources to help you navigate the home-buying process. … Read more

‘Purple Rain’ at 40: Here are all the ways to celebrate Prince’s once-in-a-lifetime masterpiece

The man born Prince Rogers Nelson 66 years ago this month entered the year 1984 as a mysterious, budding star and wrapped it as a worldwide phenomenon whose influence remains evident across genres and generations to this very day.

“Purple Rain,” both the film and the soundtrack, served as Prince’s vehicle to achieve such great heights and, as such, the Twin Cities are celebrating the 40th anniversary of “Purple Rain” in numerous ways, from free dance parties to live performances to an impressive new book stuffed with rare photos and new interviews that shed further light on the Purple One’s once-in-a-lifetime creativity.… Read more

Twin Cities woman feeds dads experiencing homelessness for Father’s Day

MINNEAPOLIS — This Father’s Day, a Minnesota woman is giving hope to dads experiencing homelessness in the Twin Cities.

Tynika Smith, or Ms. T as she’s affectionately known in the community, put on a barbecue at Peavy Field Park in Minneapolis for those without a place to go.

She also gave out clothing and hygiene products.

Smith provides other holiday meals throughout the year but says Sunday was extra special.

“But on a Father’s Day, they’re well, they’re excited.… Read more

I Ain’t Got It: Iman Shumpert Claims His Funds Are Not On Par With His Ex-Wife, Teyana Taylor, Wants Child Support Payments Reduced

Remember when these two were couple goals? We don’t either. The drama in the ongoing divorce proceedings continues; allegedly, Iman Shumpert is not raking in the dough and wants his child support payments reduced.

TMZ exclusively reports that Iman Shumpert claims his funds are not on par with those of his ex-wife, Teyana Taylor.

According to court documents obtained by the celebrity gossip website, the former NBA hooper discussed the couple’s finances, and he said TT got it, and he doesn’t.… Read more

Black Fathers Are Most Involved In Their Children’s Lives: End The Fake News Stereotype!

Let’s quickly dispense with the absent father stereotype that stalks African American dads, families and communities.

For at least the last 10 years, report after report has shown that Black fathers are more involved in their children’s lives than white and even Latino fathers. Through the deindustrialization years that put Black fathers out of work in the post-Civil Rights Movement period; through the years of addiction that followed in the wake of Vietnam and so many brothers having their station in life, their sense of themselves, snatched away; through the years when wolves of government descended upon impoverished Black home claiming they were there to help, but actually forced Black mothers to send their husbands and partners out of the family or else their children would not be able to eat; through the years of targeted policing and mass incarceration, the involvement of Black dads in their children’s lives has consistently taken the number one spot.… Read more

June: A Celebration Of Black Men’s Health And Black Unity

The intersection of Men’s Health Month and Juneteenth is a critical and necessary time to discuss Black men’s health.

Black men’s health is often a neglected issue. Black men have the highest rates of heart disease and diabetes, are the least likely to seek mental health services, and are the least insured. Black men are often not asked to participate in clinical research or family-based programming, which can help improve health outcomes for future generations.… Read more

Heightened Cancer Risks For Black Women Under 50: Here Is What To Know And Do About It

Black women are at an elevated risk of cancer, with specific types of the disease showing significant increases among women in their 30s.

A 2023 report by the JAMA Network highlighted a concerning trend: early-onset cases of breast, thyroid and colorectal cancer are increasing in adults under 50, especially among women in their 30s. Data from the medical journal uncovered alarming rates of these cancers emerging among young adults, prompting researchers to analyze a cohort of 562,145 individuals with early-onset cancer in the U.S.… Read more

Remembering The Time: On This Day Michael Jackson Was Acquitted Of All Charges 

On June 13, 2005, nine years ago today, Michael Jackson was acquitted of child molestation charges. The stain of those allegations plagued him terribly during the last years of his life—and even now, nearly 15 years ago, they continue to haunt. It’s long past time for this posthumous character assassination to end. Let’s look back.

In 1993, Jackson was accused of molesting the 13-year-old son of Evan Chandler, a dentist and screenwriter based in L.A.… Read more



September 20, 2017


 The New Urban Hip-Hop sound heats up the Minneapolis-St. Paul airwaves today at Noon and in the process logging another first for The Center for Communication and Development/ KMOJ-FM and HD1.

CCD/KMOJ-FM 89.9 is on the air with KMOJ HD2, The Ice. The new HD Channel, found at KMOJ-FM 89.9 HD2, is Minnesota’s first Urban Hip-Hop format. The Ice will also present Public Affairs programming in keeping with its community radio FCC license.… Read more