Busta Rhymes Teases “Not Like Us” Remix, Barks On Essence Festival Crowd

Busta Rhymes is a consummate professional and one of the top performers to ever grace the stage. Over the weekend, Busta Rhymes ended his set by teasing a possible remix to Kendrick Lamar’s massive hit “Not Like Us.”

Busta Rhymes was at the Essence Festival in New Orleans over the weekend and the veteran Hip-Hop performer had DJ Scratchator rock a portion of his verse from the assumed “Not Like Us” remix. However, it isn’t known if it’s an official release. DJ Scratchator ran the verse back twice as Busta and Spliff Star continued to exit the stage.

If this remix is the genuine article, it appears that Busta has chosen a side in the ongoing feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake, with many declaring the Compton, Calif. star the victor over his Canadian counterpart.

Also during Busta’s set at Essence Fest, the former Leaders Of The New School rapper checked the crowd for being too subdued for his tastes and said in his three decades of performing, he’s never had folks play the too-cool for-school position.

“Thirty-three years of doing this sh*t, I ain’t used to n*ggas sitting down at my show. I don’t give a f*ck! All age groups, get your ass up now,” Busta said to a crowd still trying to settle in their seats.

You can watch clips of both moments featuring Busta Rhymes below.

Photo: Getty

Source: The Urban Daily