Busta Rhymes Scolds Essence Fest Audience Over Phone Use and Sitting Down

The veteran emcee let it be known: “I ain’t from that era.”

Rapper Busta Rhymes ignited a heated debate about cellphone usage at musical events after apparently reprimanding the crowd during his Essence Festival performance in New Orleans over the weekend.

In a fan-captured new clip circling the internet, the 52-year-old emcee could be seen confronting attendees using their phones instead of fully engaging with the show.

“A-yo, f—k them camera phones, too. Let’s get back to interacting like humans. Put them weird a— devices down. I ain’t from that era. Them s–ts don’t control the soul. F—k your phone!”

The “Touch It” emcee proceeded to single out individuals on their phones, asking them to stand.”I will point every last one of y’all out until y’all asses is up,” he shouted. “I don’t give a f–k. All age groups get yo’ a– up now!”

“Everybody up top, too, get y’all big head a–es up!” Busta demanded, adding that he has a “zero tolerance” policy for that kind of behavior. “Make me feel like we home!”

Many critics on social media blasted the industry veteran and mocked the seemingly small gathering, with one person commenting, “Busta has been talking side ways for a while now. I’m glad he had to make a speech to empty seats.”

A second online user added, “Busta is acting like the Essence Fest is a hip hop crowd. They’re mostly there for r&b, jazz, and old school acts.” 

However, some critics sympathized with Busta’s frustrations and provided context. 

One user shared a video from the rainy day, noting, “For context, there was damn near a hurricane outside of the stadium. That is why there were only like 400 people in there. They added, “Also, don’t judge a short clip, it was light-hearted, and he put on an amazing set. My section had a ball.”

Another declared, “He right its disrespectful.  Imagine going on a date and the person on the phone.”