Mary J. Blige’s Giuseppe Boot Sells Out In A Day Despite Mixed Reactions To Its Price Point

Those $1,300 boots got snatched up and now fans are requesting a restock.

Just one day after hitting the market, Mary J. Blige‘s highly anticipated boot collab with Giuseppe Zanotti has sold out.

The singer donned the metallic copper-colored thigh-high boots at the third annual Strength Of A Woman Festival and Summit, and announced that they’d be available for purchase late Sunday night (May 12).

They were priced at $1,295 and sparked controversy online. Some felt the My Life singer should’ve partnered with a more affordable brand like Steve Madden, while others agreed that her partnership with Giuseppe made sense.

“Not sure why folks thought Mary should collaborate with a cheaper brand but no one blinks an eye when her peers are doing drops with Gucci and Balmain. Mary’s footwear has always been luxury or designer. It’s okay if you can’t afford to buy this. You have supported in other ways. Also, it is not a right to have boots. Please cut the madness,” wrote one fan in Blige’s defense on Instagram.Media personality Rae Holliday tweeted, “This price point is on brand for Mary. Like, come awnnn she’s Mary J. Blige. Her core audience got the coins. Them boots ain’t for Power fans. Those are for the Aunties who purchase her tix yearly and know every track on What’s the 411?

As someone else mentioned, “I think any surprise around Mary J. Blige’s boot collaborator is rooted in personal perception of who she is, not brand misalignment on her end.”

One person even used Blige’s own lyrics from “Enough Cryin’” to prove that Blige’s brand and core demographic was always giving “rich auntie.”

“Catch me with the B’s on the wheels, Giuseppe’s on the heels/ Shoulda Marc Jacob Fe Fe bagged me when you had me/ Next dude will gladly pick up where you left off/ Ice me, wife me, you ain’t gonna have me,” she rapped as her alter ego, Brook Lynn, on the bridge of the Darkchild-produced record.Blige herself hasn’t addressed the boot now being sold out, but some are already demanding it in more colors. All in all?