Giuseppe Zanotti and Mary J. Blige Launch ‘The Mary Boot’

Blige collaborated with designer Giuseppe Zanotti to create ‘The Mary Boot,’ blending high-end design with the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul’s signature flair.

Go, Mary! Go, Mary! Picture it: Mary J. Blige dancing on stage–she’s wearing boots, isn’t she? One thing about the queen of hip-hop soul is that she’s going to wear a fly, thigh-high boot. Ok, two things: those boots will also be designed by the designer. So par for the course for Mary J. Blige to team up with high-end designer Giuseppe Zanotti to make the signature “Mary Boot.”

This golden collaboration between the Italian designer and the legendary singer and boot-slayer is one for the fashion ages. The gold, slouchy boot will cost $1,495 and has been designed to capture Giuseppe and Blige’s styles. And everyone knows Mary is known to rock a good boot!The designer giant shared the collaboration on social media: Giuseppe Zanotti and Mary J. Blige have transformed their longtime friendship into an exclusive, limited-edition collaboration. Introducing “The Mary Boot,” a stunning over-th