Fantasia’s soulful voice shining in ‘The Color Purple trailer has Twitter calling her a 2024 Oscar winner

‘The Color Purple’ starring Fantasia, Halle Bailey, and more will premiere in theaters on Christmas Day (Dec. 25).

BY CIERRA JONES  05.23.2023

Twitter is ready for Fantasia Barrino to get her custom purple dress for 2024 because they smell an Oscar win coming.

Yesterday (May 22), Fantasia, H.E.R., Halle Bailey, Taraji P. Henson, and more starred in the first trailer of 2023’s The Color Purple. The upcoming film is a musical adaptation of the same-titled book and remake of the 1985 film.

While snippets of Fantasia’s voice in the trailer shocked some fans, others rejoiced after watching her prepare for the moment for years. In 2004, the 38-year-old singer’s life changed when she won “American Idol.” A few years later, she auditioned for Dreamgirls, but Jennifer Hudson ultimately got the role. Instead, she joined the Broadway musical “The Color Purple,” starring as Celie Johnson.

However, the Grammy Award winner’s preparation for the lead role in the forthcoming movie didn’t stop there. In 2007, Fantasia represented the musical at the 61st Tony Awards by performing its song “I’m Here.”

Sixteen years later, viewers listened as Fantasia belted out part of the lyrics in the upcoming film’s trailer. And now, the internet is already crowning the North Carolina native a 2024 Oscar winner for her heartfelt role. On Twitter, one user said, “Halle Bailey and Fantasia are coming for their Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress nomination and win at the Oscars!”

A second user penned a message to the Academy Awards after the 1985 film received over 10 Oscar nominations and took home zero wins. “The Color Purple holds the record for the film with the most nominations without a single win!” the user tweeted. “[The movie] lost 11 Oscar nominations. Somebody better right that wrong next year, the Academy [Awards].”

If Fantasia wins a 2024 Oscar, she will become the second “American Idol” member to do it, with Hudson becoming the first in 2007. See more Twitter users predict Fantasia’s pending Oscar win below: