Whole Foods Doubles Down On Banning Employees From Wearing BLM Masks At Work

The supermarket chain maintains that BLM apparel “is not objectively understood to relate to workplace issues or improving working conditions.”

Bilal G. Morris

Posted January 13, 2022https://cdn.vuukle.com/widgets/powerbar.html?version=2.10.

Source: Newsday LLC / Getty

The Amazon-owned supermarket chain Whole Foods is doubling down on its policy banning workers from wearing masks emblazoned with the phrase, “Black Lives Matter.” According to a report by Bloomberg, the company has accused the federal government of violating its First Amendment rights by trying to allow its employees to wear the BLM face coverings.

A district judge had previously found Whole Foods was not racially discriminating against its employees by banning BLM masks from being worn in the workplace.

Whole Foods claimed in a Dec. 17 filing that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) was attempting to “compel employer speech,” which the company says is unconstitutional. The filing served as a response weeks after prosecutors with the NLRB filed a formal complaint against Whole Foods centered on its dress code policies, including masks.