PROGRAM DIRECTOR/ KMOJ-FM HD1 and HD2, (Center for Communications and Development. (CCD) Minneapolis, MN, is searching for a forward-thinking, cutting-edge programmer with the ability to lead KMOJ’s Urban AC and Hip-Hop sister station and Online and Web-based platforms; who can provide leadership and vision and who is serious about innovative, high-quality, community-based programming. The Program Director is responsible for the “sound” of the stations and its online platforms. The Program Director is responsible and accountable for all programs, the programming grid, the monthly written evaluation of programs and coaching, on-air FCC compliance, fund drive programming, special live stream  shows, and working with other Directors, Engineers and Managers. The Program Director reports to the General Manager, provides a myriad of monthly reports, and is expected to increase the listenership and membership of the station through good management skills and decisions. The PD participates in weekly management team meetings with the General Manager and participates in station events and may even host an air shift. The Program Director is knowledgeable of accounting principles, budgeting and forecasting.

This is the job for you if you:

• Have strong awareness in the Urban and Hip-Hop music genres

• Are a skillful mentor and talent coach – can delegate, inspire and apply constructive criticism for the team where needed

·         Solves problems before they happen

• Possess a track record of success

• Are a team player with a strong work ethic

• Have strong production and imaging skills; a passion for creative promotions; and an obsession and demonstrated skill with digital and social media and web development

• Are familiar with and skilled with music scheduling and automation software including Adobe, MusicMaster and Wide Orbit.

• Enjoy entertaining your listeners at live remote appearances

• Understanding of market/product research including Nielsen ratings analysis

• Budget planning, event and promotion planning and execution

 • Computer literate on applicable programs including Word, Powerpoint, Excel

• Have Excellent verbal and written communication skills

• Can interact with management, staff, volunteers, Board of Directors and potential funders and

can develop and lead a robust Volunteer program consistent with the station’s mission.

• Can multi-task and handle pressure and deadlines

• Have skills in the operation of control board, remote broadcasting and other related equipment

Can troubleshoot at the Broadcast tower.


Programming • Keeps track of other metrics such as online listenership, fund drive totals, membership totals and regularly interacts with membership base, etc.

Interacts with State and Federal Agencies regarding contracts, grants, program development, tracking inputs, outcomes;

Develop Corporate Public Broadcasting narratives and provide written reports twice annually on outcomes

• Is expected to spend approximately 25% of her/his work time in program evaluation and development. Monitors programming on an ongoing basis. Provides formal written evaluation of each program and programmer.

• Supervise, train and manage programmers through providing work direction, constructive performance coaching, mentorship, performance meetings, and on-going feedback, including regular reviews and critiques of airchecks.

• Ensures program content complies with all necessary state and Federal laws, regulations, and requirements as well as KMOJ programming policies and requirements.

• Establishes, maintains, and reviews programming goals and services in line with KMOJ’s mission and goals.

• Maintains publication of programming schedules and information on the station’s social media and websites and in other appropriate venues and media and represents the station and KMOJ at various public forums.

• Participates in the development of strategies and plans for on-air fundraising, in collaboration with staff.

• Participates in the evaluation and approval of all premiums offered by the station.

• Meets with donors as needed.

• Must have exceptional knowledge of social media platforms


Demonstrated commitment to KMOJ’s Mission. Bachelor’s Degree or commensurate experience in a related field. Three to five years of Media management experience, preferably in public broadcasting, or related media. Candidate must be committed to a diverse, harassment-free workplace; possess excellent management skills and a proven ability to work collaboratively with paid and volunteer programmers/staff; and possess strong interpersonal and communications skills. Fund-raising experience is a plus.

How to Apply. Provide resume, references, and a link to your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. Open until filled. Resumes, references, and mp3 should be emailed to

What We Offer:

• Competitive pay and the ability to increase income • Creative and collaborative environment

• Ability to work alongside and learn from the best in the business

KMOJ’s vision is to use mass communication tools to inform and inspire its core audiences and to educate new broadcasters in the use of those tools.

KMOJ/CCD Mission: To elevate the way of life for its community through a process of education, collaboration, and sharing information about its culture and issues impacting the community.

KMOJ’s Overarching goals are:

To educate and engage with its listener base

To support and empower listeners with an understanding of its tradition and new innovations. modern cultures,

To challenge unethical systems and policies and practices that can negatively impact KMOJ’s listener base.

• Recognition and reward for outstanding performance