KMOJ’s Freddie Bell Named Broadcaster of the Year

Ampers, the Association of Minnesota’s Public Educational Radio Stations, has named KMOJ’s General Manager, Freddie Bell, as 2020’s Broadcaster of the Year and Chairman of its Board of Directors. The organization announced the award earlier this month at its annual meeting.

Announcing the award, Leah Honsky, Ampers’ Vice-Chairperson and Chair of the Awards and Scholarship Committee said, “We have seen the impressive results of Mr. Bell’s tireless and selfless work these past few years. After overcoming financial and organizational hurdles, this year we celebrate some significant milestones like earning Minnesota’s Society of Professional Journalists’ top award for co-producing Sex Trafficking: The New Slavery, and securing a substantial grant from the Minnesota Department of Health. KMOJ is a bright spot on the Ampers roster because of the world-class leadership that Freddie brings to the station and the community support that generates.”

“Freddie is very deserving of the award,” Ampers CEO Joel Glaser commented. “He took the lead at KMOJ during a difficult time in the station’s history. Not only did he guide KMOJ through those issues, he launched a new station called The Ice on KMOJ-HD2,” Glaser said.

Each year Ampers acknowledges an individual or individuals with the award which recognizes outstanding achievement in programming, production, engineering, development, promotion, or community involvement. Because the meeting had to take place virtually, Mr. Bell will receive his plaque by mail.

“The award honors the work of our staff and volunteers and people in the community committed to KMOJ’s success,” Bell said.

Ampers, Diverse Radio for Minnesota’s Communities, is an association of 18 independent community radio stations in Minnesota. Each station is locally managed and programmed by and for the local communities they serve. The stations are all licensed to a college, school, university, Native American tribe, or directly to the community. The stations include: WTIP (Grand Marais/Grand Portage/Gunflint Trail), KAXE and KBXE

(Grand Rapids, Bemidji, Brainerd), KSRQ (Thief River Falls), KUMD (Duluth/Superior), KVSC (St. Cloud), KUMM (Morris), KFAI (Minneapolis/St. Paul), KMOJ (Minneapolis/St. Paul), KUOM “Radio K” (Minneapolis/St. Paul), KBEM “Jazz88” (Minneapolis/St. Paul), KMSU (Mankato/Austin), KQAL (Winona), KOJB (Cass Lake/Bena), KBFT (Nett Lake), and KKWE (White Earth/Callaway), WGZS (Cloquet), and now KRPR (Rochester). Ampers has no affiliation with Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) and receives no financial support from MPR.

The Center for Communication and Development, a 501( c ) 3 which governs KMOJ, has been serving the Twin Cities since 1976. It works to train broadcasters and give voice to communities of color.