KMOJ: Final Hours of 2019 RadioThon!!

by Freddie Bell

With only two days left in the KMOJ Building Our Future Radiothon, I am happy to see how you are responding with your gifts and well wishes. They all help to build the foundation for growth and give voice to the concerns we face as a community. They also set the table to bring on interns and those interested in our business, who aspire to be the next generation of broadcasters. That’s the first part of our mission. Secondly, your help also allows us the space to give voice to the conditions impacting you, our community.

Our goal is a modest one, $10,000. One hundred percent of our Board of Directors are financially supporting us along with acting on their fiduciary responsibilities to support KMOJ. By the way, they are all volunteers. Our radiothon is designed to give us time to pause and consider where we are as a community and where the path will lead us. We have the chance to build a better way forward. Our vision is to move forward in a big way and to be that Broadcast tower on the hill delivering actionable messages that help people to live their best lives. That’s what village and community are all about. That’s why KMOJ is so vital to the life of our community, and why we give voice to those ideals.

Go to our donation page, and contribute an amount that makes sense to you. Give not until it hurts, but until it helps. As you help KMO you help yourself.

To our potential Corporate Funders, take a look at our financials and our projects and programs found on this website. You will see that KMOJ is a good steward of the resources entrusted to us which are designed to build a better society. We are more than worthy of your financial support.

It’s time for all of us to lean in and support KMOJ, an entity that even when it was hurting, never stopped helping the community.