Hennepin County Commissioner Angela Conley Visits KMOJ Studios

Hennepin County Commissioner Angela Conley and Chantel Sings

Stil beaming from an historic win last fall, Commisioner Angela Conley says there is work to do. She was able to tap in voter freustration over county wide  racial disparities and a dissatisfaction with national politics to win her seat on the seven-member board. Coney is the frist African American to serve in the Board’s 166 year- history.

Conley told Freddie Bell and Chantel Sings that her experience as a black, single mother who once lived on government support — adds a necessary perspective to the board. Born in South Minneapolis, Conley touts those personal experiences, as well as her work in activism, nonprofits and government as reasons why she’ll make a strong commissioner for her urban district.