St. Public School Staffer on Leave for Allegedly Using a Racial Slur

A St. Paul Public Schools staff member has been placed on administrative leave following a “disturbing video” that was taken at Highland Park Middle School and shared on social media, according to a statement from the district, in which a racial slur was directed at a student.

St. Paul Public School Superintendent Joe Gothard says, “no matter the situation, the racist and foul language used by a staff member in the video has no place in Saint Paul Public Schools.”

“The words and actions recorded in this video have caused harm to our black students, their families and our entire school community,” Gothard says. He says the actions go against the District’s core values and its commitment to serving youth and families.

On Facebook, incoming Superintendent of Burnsville Public Schools, Theresa Battle says she recalls the first time she was called the

N word.  As a youth, while waiting for a bus, she says four white teenagers yelled, “N…, go back to where you belong.” Battle says she has never forgotten the fear and is praying for our children because the hurt of that racial slur remains in her today.