Josie Johnson, “Hope In The Struggle”

Josie Johnson, Author

Author, Josie Johnson says, “we have come through many ups and downs and I have held on to the ups to survive the generations of down,”  in explaining why she still has hope for America at 88 years old. 

Johnson, flanked with co-writers, family, and friends officially launched her new book, Hope in the Struggle. The book chronicles her personal and professional life and outlines her work as a civil rights advocate.  

Gary Cunningham, MEDA
Leslie Redmond, Mpls, NAACP

Her memoir “serves as a reminder of the capacity we have to learn from ancestors, the source of hope in the civil rights struggle,” she said.  Johnson told a packed audience on the campus of the University of Minnesota where she served as the schools, first African American Regent and Vice President,  that we’re living in a  critical period and that her book could offer important strategies.