Looking for a movie to watch with your Boosky this weekend?

My recommendation for lovers who enjoy a good Action-packed Thriller is "Home Front" starring Jason Statham on Netflix.

The action starts when an ex-DEA agent is widowed, he moves with his young daughter to a small town, but his quiet life is shattered by a meth-making drug trafficker.

Like I said, if action is your movie weakness, this is definitely one to catch!  It definitely has some violent elements to it, so if you and your boo have children, this is NOT the one to watch.

Happy Watching!





*Boo Movie Review was originally created by Sanni, Host of the Overnite Blend to help people in relationships find entertainment they both can enjoy!  There's enough content in the world to keep you two separated...and Sanni wants to used the beauty of visual entertainment to be the reason ya'll stay together!  Happy watching!

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