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Sanni's journey into radio started back in 93' in a drab duplex in Saint Paul, MN.  Her move from Chicago left her smack dead in the middle of summer; with no new friends; choked with boredom.

Despite her mother's efforts to make the transition smooth (teen magazines, keyboards, dance lessons, etc.), Sanni turned to a rinky-dink Sony tape player into entertainment!  She utilized her infamously outlandish creativity to turn an otherwise hum-drum experience into one of unique expression, experimentation, and an overall annoyance to her older brother.  She started recording her voice and playin' it back over and over...which to her surprise, sounded real whacky.  She'd never heard herself before.Sanni for Social Media-001

Amused at the goofy texture of her own vocals, she began mimicking bits off of popular shows like 'In Living Color,' 'Martin,' and singing songs from "The Bodyguard's" Soundtrack.

Her younger sister got in on the weirdness, and assisted in the creation of some really, REALLY bad renditions of her favorite nursery rhymes, original songs, commercials, and even horrific examples of what she thought a corny radio personality might sound like in the 90's.  If it was hot in 93' and 94'...she tried it!

Fast forward to 2008.  She graduates from college with a degree in Psychology.  Although her family is pushing her to go to grad school, she wanted to explore other options.  Eventually she decided to go to Globe University to study the Music biz...but she needed more money.  While looking for funding, she came across an internet advertisement about a competition called 'You wanna be a DJ?" that Brown College and The Conclave was hosting.   She entered and won both rounds: a cameo appearance on 93x, and a full scholarship to The Broadcast Center in Saint Louis, MO.  After a year of hard living, she returned to the Twin Cities.  Although she was able score internships with Salem Communications, KFAI, and MPR...she really, REALLY wanted to get into KMOJ.

It took a year to get a callback from Ms. Georgia who (in all honesty) was looking for someone who could do video production.  After 3 months interning all over the station, October 2012 was when Sanni first opened the mic Overnites.  You could say the rest is history...but that would imply that the story ends there. It doesn't.  This is DEFINITELY only the beginning...

In addition to entertaining every 3rd shift worker in the Twin Cities, Sanni is also KMOJ's Social Media and Web Director.  Her work in the community includes service as a Host for "SPNN's Forum," and the Director of Technology with Minnesota's Alliance for Women in Media's Board of Directors.  Sanni also PASSIONATELY devotes her time to youth in the metro area as a Behavioral Therapist with the Minnesota Autism Center.

Got a taboo topic you'd like to hear on the air?  Contact Sanni at!  The more taboo, the better!

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