Name a Watt

KMOJ-FM is in the process of increasing its power from 1000 watts to 6200 watts.  The station will also transition from delivering an analog signal to High Definition. This is a very historic time for KMOJ Radio.Each individual watt on the station is available for listeners to name. By naming a watt, you have the opportunity to contribute in the station’s growth. Not only will you be helping financially with this project but you will forever be acknowledged as a contributor to this major event in the history of KMOJ Radio.For a minimum tax-deductable donation of $100.00 you will:

  • Have your name or the name of a family member, loved one or your company placed on a large display plaque which will be displayed in the new KMOJ facility.
  • Have your name or the name of a family member, loved one or the name of your company placed on our website as a donor who supports the station by naming a watt
  • Receive a certificate acknowledging their donation and naming of a watt
  • Recognition at a fundraising diner created by CCD/KMOJ-Radio


Thank for your donation and support of 89.9 KMOJ-FM

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