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Alabama Attorney Setting Up Libraries In Black Barber Shops

Do you remember the Florida barber shop that encouraged young boys to read by having books in the shop for the clients? An attorney in Alabama was so inspired that he just launched Books for Boys. At first, the lawyer, Freddie Stokes, set out to establish small libraries of about 75 books each in two or three barbershops. But he got such a great response that he will be able to set up libraries in at least six barbershops, with the first opening in mid-June.


McKinney Officer Apologizes For Actions At Pool Party, Blames Work Stress

Former McKinney police officer Eric Casebolt is sorry about how he conducted himself at a teenage pool party, says his attorney Jane Bishkin.

Casebolt came under fire this week after disturbing footage of him aggressively handling 15-year-old Dajerria Becton and pointing a gun two other teen partygoers began circulating.


Akon’s Solar Power Initiative

'Akon's Solar Power Initiative Aims To Bring Electricity To 600 Million People In Africa'Africa'

Akon hopes to bring electricity to 600 million people in Africa with his 'Akon Lighting Africa' Solar Academy initiative.

This isn't just another charitable celebrity contribution. This might be the most ambitious charitable endeavor ever.

R&B singer Akon has launched an initiative aiming to bring electricity to 600 million people in Africa. The Akon Lighting Africa initiative has started the Solar Academy, which will help African engineers harness the sun's energy to produce electricity for the target of 600 million people. Considering that Africa gets an average of 320 sunny days in a given calendar year, this plan more than makes sense. But to say it's extensive and ambitious would be a giant understatement.


Octavia Spencer Denies Allegations That She Mistreated Children At Her Book Signing

Octavia Spencer took to Twitter yesterday to do some damage control after some unflattering reports about her began circulating. According to Daily Mail, The Shackactress was unkind to fans at a signing event for her Randi Rhodes children’s books at a Los Angeles Barnes and Noble location.

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